“Of the ancient art there were only three precious elements left: the classic models, the history and the traditional techniques of working glass. […] It was necessary to rediscover and convey them; in a word we had to make them worthy again. […]”

Zanetti V., 1881

History and cultural heritage have to be safeguarded, told and treasured.
The InMurano Archive aims to tell the story of Murano, its art and its glass-masters, through video, images, interviews; a story told directly by its protagonists’ perspective.

The InMurano Archive is divided in two sections:
1. Film-documentaries production; complex storytelling to address important issues related to glass-making and our local artistic environment in an innovative and modern way. We want to communicate with a wide audience, also not glass experts, in order to talk deeply about Murano glass-making reality.

-Murano: the unbearable lightness of glass (2016)

-Rosin: the strong side of glass (currently underway)


2. Personal short interviews, video and pictures to local glass-masters; a collection to show what Murano is today, a world where traditions and the necessity to innovate are mixed.

Interviews are also transcribed to further divulge all the collected stories.

-Aldo Nason



-Riccardo e Pietro Ferro – Moleria

-Dario Frare
A long-term project to recount what was Murano in the past and what Murano is today because, as Vincenzo Zanetti said, we have to know and protect our traditions and cultural heritage to manage to further develop and survive in the future.

The InMurano Archive addresses the wide public but in particular young generations; we hope to create new interest in glass-working!

The project is completely financed by InMurano, your support is fundamental!
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