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Bubacco, born on Murano in 1957, began playing with glass as a boy, making small animals, beads, and the usual lampworker’s tablet. At fifteen he received his artisan’s license and began marketing fameworked Venetian memorabilia.

In 1980 he began studying anatomical drawing with the Venetian artist Alessandro Rossi. His style takes on a new dimension: the movement of the figure becomes the central theme of his work.

His technical experience and knowledge of glass color compatibility allow him to create unique works: figures entirely hand-formed and incorporated in blown-vases or in casting. His works collocate motive tensions and plasticity in a context of narrative surrealism, to create highly original pieces derived from his personal sensibility.Lucio Bubacco’s sensuous works combine the anatomic perfection of Greek sculpture with the Byzantine gothic architecture of his native Venice.

As always Lucio Bubacco experiments and researches to create new powerful living masterpieces through glass.